Monday, November 26, 2007

Antelope Island and the Zoo

A few weeks ago our family made a trip to Antelope Island State Park to go Geocaching. Geocaching is when you use your GPS to find hidden "Treasures". Inside these caches are little toys or coins that you can take and then you replace it with something new. The boys love going on the Treasure Hunts. We did find one that was on the other side of a hill on the island and Kim thought it would be fun to go and find it. I think we wlaked about 4 miles carrying Presley and Jack had almost given up when we finally found it at the top of a hill. These are a few of the pictures from the island.

We also went to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. Here are some photos of that trip.

Garage Progress

We have made more progress on the shop. A few weeks ago we poured the garage floor. Two of my neighbors helped and it turned out pretty good.

Our neighbor Pat was quite the supervisor!

I put the windows in after the cement was dry and we have started the wiring. Hopefully by Christmas we should be starting the brick and stucco for the outside.

More Mexico

Also while we were in Mexico we walked down the beach from the house and were able to release new baby turtles into the ocean. Here is a picture of Kim holding one of the baby turtles.
While sitting around the pool one afternoon, Ben decided that he was Houdini and asked me to tie him up. Of course I wasn't going to pass this up. After he was tied up I pushed him in backwards into the pool. It was pretty funny. Sally jumped right in after he was in the pool to make sure there weren't any problems.

Been Awhile

It has been awhile since we have posted so here it goes. The Skidmore Family has been busy. Kim and I were able to go to Mexico in October with my family. We went down to my Parents time share in Nuevo Vallarta, MX.

We arrived on Friday night and were there for a week. Luckily Kim and I have some great employees that helped us out while we were gone. While we were in Mexico we were able to go to a Hacienda up in the mountains about 1 1/2 hours from the house. It is in an old mining town of San Sebastian. We walked through the town and town square and then went to the Hacienda San Sebastian for lunch.

My Mom and Dad were feeling generous while we were in Mexico and scheduled a swim with the dolphins. This was a very hands on activity and I think all of us had a great time. We were able to hold onto the dolphins and have them pull us around.

Here are a few more random pics of us on the trip.