Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Branding in Idaho

One of the favorite thing  the boys look forward to is going to Idaho to brand cows with their Grandpa, Uncles, Aunts and cousins.  The whole family went to Idaho to brand cows, I think everyone had a good time (maybe not the cows).
Most of the time the boys play around in the old house and go with Grandpa to make sure the fences are good and ready for the baby cows.  

Here is a picture of Dallin and Jack with a handful of testicles from the baby cows.  Only in Idaho, only on the farm!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Crazy Life

Life is crazy.  It seems that nothing ever changes except the pace of life.  All we ever do is try to keep up and hope for the best.  The shop/office is finally finished (except for the shop floor)and I have moved the office out of the house.  I seem to spend every waking moment on the phone, in the office and if not there working on trucks and trying to keep everyone happy(customers, vendors, employees), not the easiest job.  Kim and I grin and bear it and hope that it lets up a little or we finally hire someone to help run the business.  I guess I can't complain too much, business is good and for the most part we enjoy being self employed.
All of the kids are doing great and getting bigger by the day.  Presley started using the potty, not bad for a little 18 month old girl.  Though not potty trained she sure thinks it is a neat accomplishment everytime before she gets in the tub.  She is going to be a hand full and give her brothers a run for their money, she is quite the busy body.  One day she decided to get into the desk drawer and found a marker, here is the end result.
She is getting bigger though and loves the outdoors.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Presley Loves Animals

Presley loves to be around any type of animal.  She gets excited when Bear is allowed in the house.  She runs over to him and is always petting him.  The cat is a little scared of her but then again the cat is scared of everyone.  When Jack brings out the Hamsey (hamster) she starts freaking out and wants to hold him.  It always looks like she is going to squeeze is eyeballs right out of his head.  I'm sure someday when we aren't looking she just might.

Update, Finally!!!

The office and shop are finally coming along. The weather has been crazy here, so with all of the snow and freezing temperatures it has been nearlt impossible to move forward on the construction. The brick mason finished laying all of the brick today and all that needs to be done is the the brick needs to be washed and cleaned. Then the stucco and gutter guys and the exterior will be done.

The interior is coming along also. The sheetrock is done and the ceiling has been painted. We just need to paint the walls and it will be ready to move in. The inside of the shop is almost done too. I have insulated part of the shop and put up sheetrock. The hard part is just finding time to do all of the work.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas 2007

The only nice photo that I was able to get of the kids by the Christmas tree.
Then the famous photo of children crying because we make them sit on Santa's lap.
We did the nativity and Presley was Mary, Dallin was Joseph and Jackson was a shepherd.

Piano Recital

Dallin had his piano recital in December.  He had to play two pieces and did well on both of them.  Here is a photo of him playing and one of him with two cute girls that also play the piano, their names are Mia (blonde) and Katie.  Below is a video of Dallin playing the Christmas song.

Playing with the new computer

We are playing with the new iMac and have been having a good time playing with the computer but we are still learning (quick note scroll to the bottom to turn off the music and then hit play on the video).  Life is good here in Utah.  We haven't had much happen since Christmas.  We stayed home for Christmas and Christmas EVE.  Kims Dad, his wife and John, Kims brother came down from Idaho and stayed at our house Christmas eve.  We had dinner at our house on Christmas eve too.  Kims family came down and Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit before the night was over.