Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Kids

Our recent trip to St. George, the boys wanted to go through the narrows and hike on the red rocks.  Presley played in the sand and enjoyed posing for pictures.  Proof in the picture below.

This is Presley at one of Dallin's basketball games.
Presley ready for church in one of her "beautiful dresses" which she asks to wear daily.  I have to remind her that beautiful dresses are for church.

Dallin just finished his basketball season.  He had a good team and he really enjoyed playing.  Now on to soccer every Saturday.

Ms. Presley got into my purse and found my colorstay lipstick that stayed on her face for 4 days.  I tried everything to get it off but it just had to wear off.  Now only if it stayed that well on your lips!  Everyone thought she had hurt her eye she got a lot of stares.
The kids enjoying one of the many snow falls we had this winter.  Every time I think I can put the snow clothes away it snows again.  It is April 1st and we still have snow on the ground.