Saturday, March 15, 2008

Presley Loves Animals

Presley loves to be around any type of animal.  She gets excited when Bear is allowed in the house.  She runs over to him and is always petting him.  The cat is a little scared of her but then again the cat is scared of everyone.  When Jack brings out the Hamsey (hamster) she starts freaking out and wants to hold him.  It always looks like she is going to squeeze is eyeballs right out of his head.  I'm sure someday when we aren't looking she just might.

Update, Finally!!!

The office and shop are finally coming along. The weather has been crazy here, so with all of the snow and freezing temperatures it has been nearlt impossible to move forward on the construction. The brick mason finished laying all of the brick today and all that needs to be done is the the brick needs to be washed and cleaned. Then the stucco and gutter guys and the exterior will be done.

The interior is coming along also. The sheetrock is done and the ceiling has been painted. We just need to paint the walls and it will be ready to move in. The inside of the shop is almost done too. I have insulated part of the shop and put up sheetrock. The hard part is just finding time to do all of the work.